Smell, dream, design your own custom perfume. Using a genuine perfume organ, select the essences that most enchant you and learn the perfumer’s subtle techniques as you compose the personal scent you have always imagined. With the guidance of a Molinard expert, discover the architecture of a scent, the ingredients that compose it, that complement or contrast with one another, as you create your perfect perfume. A superb sensory experience that can be tailored to all fragrance fans, individuals or groups of any age. 90 essences, 90 minutes, 50 ml, from 10 years

  • Personalized perfume creation workshop
  • Diploma
  • 50ml bottle
Duration90 Minutes
ParticipantsMaximum 20
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72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

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MAISON MOLINARD, from 1849 to today. It is a rare thing for a family business to uphold its exacting standards and maintain its original fervor as the decades pass. Yet, in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, five successive generations have made emotion their raison d’être. Having earned the nation’s highest distinction as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“Living Heritage Company”), recognizing its rare and ancient savoir-faire, Maison Molinard continues to reinvent itself each passing day, forging a legacy in the fires of its passion for perfume.

LA CRÉATION DE PARFUM – PERFUME CREATION. A Molinard expert in perfume design interprets your fragrance dreams and helps you compose the perfect, personalized olfactory opus for you alone.

THEORY • Raw materials • Extraction methods • Perfume structure

PRACTICE • Personalized diagnosis • Essence olfaction and selection session • Developing the top/head, middle/heart, and base notes • Formulating the olfactory pyramid • Formulating the final composition in solution


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